Metal Shell Freeplay Zero Bundle


This bundle will come with the new Freeplay Zero circuit board, the new 640×480 IPS LCD, an all-black metal shell, and some more pack-ins to help you build your dream machine.  See below for specifics.

Some assembly required.  Batteries are included.  🙂

We’re looking to pre-sell 25 units of this new Freeplay Zero 640×480 Model with an anodized black aluminum metal shell and a bunch of pack-ins as a bundle.  Lock your purchase price in now.  We will be ordering the metal shells to be CNC milled and anodized and expect them to be ready in about 4-6 weeks.



You will need to supply:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, Raspberry Pi Zero W, or Raspberry Pi Zero
    • If your Raspberry Pi does not have a pin header, you will need to solder that on yourself.  Our kit will include the pin header just in case you need it.
  • SD Card

This bundle will come with:

  • Freeplay Zero DIY Kit (640×480 IPS Model)
  • Machined Aluminum Anodized Black Freeplay Zero Metal Shell
  • Freeplay Glass Lens (to view and protect all 307,200 pixels)
  • Extra Speaker For Stereo Sound
  • 2000mAh Battery
  • ABXY Tactile Button Option Kit
    • Since this is new, we’re going to toss in a few different buttons for you to try.  Some will be rubbery.  Some will be clicky.  You choose what you like best, and hopefully you’ll tell us what you think.
  • Gray Button Cap Kit
    • If possible, we plan to 3D-print the button set.  If that doesn’t work out as expected, we will fall back to including a gray button cap kit designed for the GBA shell.
  • Black 3D-printed Speaker Grills (to use if you want front-mounted speakers)
  • 2 PSP Analog Sticks (and wire to use if you want to add front-mounted analog sticks)
  • Machine Screws (to bolt it together)
  • Mini HDMI Cable (to hook up HDMI to your Freeplay Zero when you’re not on the go)
Baby Got Back
This is an example (prototype) 3D-printed version of the soon-to-be machined aluminum metal shell.  Note that we already have a glass lens in production.  The one shown is just a laser-cut acrylic placeholder.
Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

First Edition (Blemished), Second Edition


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