HDMI Adapter (Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female Cable)


It is highly recommended that you have an easy way to plug your Freeplay Zero/CM3 into a HDMI TV/monitor. This makes setup/debugging much easier, and it’s a nice way to play when sitting at home.

The Mini HDMI end of this adapter will plug directly into the Freeplay CM3 (directly into the Raspberry Pi Zero) or the Freeplay CM3. The other end is a female HDMI port to allow you to plug a typical HDMI cable in. The total length of this adapter is 16cm (~6.5in).

Most people already have (or have easy access to) a HDMI cable, but not everyone has Mini-HDMI laying around. If you don’t, grab one of these adapters.

The adapter you receive may not be exactly the one shown in the photo, as we have had to source these from a few different manufacturers.  The functionality will be the same.

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